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analizzatore durezza

Hardness Control Automatic System HTM 1.03

Now it is possible to perform the regeneration of your softening system according to the actual instant hardness, with a better control on the quality of the water used in production processes and a reduction of the amount of salt used. Tecnocom has created a system which automatically analyzes water hardness on any supply line of production processes. The analysis is performed by means of toning bath. The user can repeat the analysis at regular intervals or, if connected to a pulse counter, when a preset volume is reached. The results of the analysis is displayed by means of two pilot lights located on the front panel:

Green = hardness lower than the set parameter
Red = water harder than the maximum limit set
Yellow = low level

Reducing Fouling System SDC

New economic microfiltration system, suitable for almost all the problems of fouling of reverse osmosis membranes. The system is based sull’adduzione of chemical products fixed on the surface layer of a quartzite filter, at each backwashing of the filter products are removed together with the sostante deductions.
The system allows to reduce the value of SDI supply water to the reverse osmosis plants. The chemicals have been developed already for several years and various applications currently rely fully functional with values ​​of SDI in food extremely high, the output value in many cases is reduced up to 99%, ensuring a long durations of the membranes and a few washings of the same chemical.
Available to a pilot plant for testing the feasibility directly by the client or in our laboratory by placing a sample of at least 100 liters of water

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